Is WordPress giving you grief?

Welcome! My name is Melissa Freeman. I live in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. I am a freelance website developer working in WordPress.

Mind Your Own Website is the name I made up for my IT and website consulting business, when I left Dimension Data and started working for myself in 2004.

What I do

I offer a bespoke website development service in WordPress to people who live in the Blue Mountains and Penrith area, including excellence in search engine optimisation, eCommerce, responsive design, customisation and hacking repair.

I treat my customers with respect and care.

Melissa Freeman

My background

My first programming language was BASIC, which I used to program games out of a textbook into a Tandy computer when I was 8 years old. I loved Computer Science in high school, learning to program Karel the robot (turnleft, turnright, move) in Year 7, and Pascal from Year 8 to Year 10. I was one of two girls at my high school who chose Computer Science as an elective (and came first).

I launched my career in IT with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Technology at UNSW, with a Co-op scholarship and internships at three major companies in Sydney. At UNSW, I learned to program in C in first year, Java in second year, along with database design, software analysis and design, accounting, economics, and theory of education. I graduated in 2000, perfectly timed with the dot-com crash.

As a graduate, I worked in IT consulting at Dimension Data, integrating cutting edge call centre telecommunications technology at CBA, followed by software projects for the Australian Tax Office, and Transport NSW, among others. I completed certification in Java, and learned C# on the job.

How I came to work in WordPress

When I left Dimension Data, I was keen to try out open source (free!) content management (CMS) platforms. In the next few years, I made dozens of websites on the platform Website Baker, which at the time was the most user-friendly open source CMS I could find.

Since 2013, I have been exclusively focused on WordPress, as the platform of choice for a blog or information site, and WooCommerce for WordPress for eCommerce. All the websites I design are responsive, working for mobile/tablet/PC from the start, without making a separate mobile website. I can explain SEO to you in plain English, and make your content search-engine friendly.

What I do well is:

  • listen to my customers
  • find solutions to their problems
  • produce a website that they are truly happy with
  • communicate without jargon
  • commit to an achievable delivery date
  • answer emails promptly
  • and return phone calls.

If you are a Nepean/Blue Mountains local who needs:

  • a new website
  • WordPress coaching
  • expert help with WordPress theme customisation
  • rescue from a WordPress hacking disaster
  • better SEO/search engine ranking
Get in touch today!